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Part One

Oh yea gods, this is the best blow-job I’ve ever had.

The way her full lips slid up and down my shaft.  The way she slithered her tongue around the head.  The way she teased with her teeth.  Her long silky hair dancing across the bare flesh of my thighs.  All combined to make the best blow-job ever, a most marvelous sensation to be sure.

Believe me, it is not an understatement.  I’ve had many blow-jobs over the years but this cute little blonde going down on me had quite the enthusiasm and some great technique.  I would pit her against any working girl out there.  Heh, now that would be quite the contest to witness... or better yet, to judge.

I moaned my pleasure rather loudly, not that anyone could hear it.  Outside the tent, people mingled and danced to the furiously pounding music.  I swear she was bobbing her head to the music.  It was a raucous beat and furious tempo that I think they called industrial.  I could be wrong.  I am not much of a connoisseur of modern music, at least this particular breed of it.

I lay there with my eyes were half lidded, content on ignoring the music outside and losing myself to the growing bliss that was taking place in my lap.  On the nylon walls of the tent, dancing shadows strobed in and out of view.  Every time they reappeared, it was a different shadow, a different person’s form frozen onto the tent wall for that split second.  It was quite a party outside, but in all honesty, I preferred where I was now.

I could feel myself begin to tense up, my body writhing in response to her mouth.  My toes curled and uncurled.  I put a hand atop her head, my fingers stroking her pale blonde strands as I tell her I am about to come.  She redoubled her efforts and everything goes dark as my eyes roll up in their sockets.

Honestly, I was dazed for a moment and when I came to, I felt her tongue moving up and down shaft, lapping up whatever she could find that did not end up in her mouth.  I moaned happily and chuckled and then felt her crawl up my body, slowly placing a trail of kisses that started from my cock and worked their way over my belly and up my chest.  She loomed over me, her face inches from mine.  I could see her smile in the brief flashes of light coming from the strobes outside.

“Did ya enjoy?” she asked with a lick of her lips and a mischievous smile.

I said nothing but merely let my eyes seek her’s out in the strobing darkness.  Running one hand along her cheek to brush her hair aside I lifted my head, my lips touching hers.  She giggled as I moved my lips to her neck, my arms wrapping comfortably around her waist, one hand affectionately patting her rear.  Without warning I rolled the both of us over and rested my weight atop of her and between her legs.

“Yes love, I did,” I whispered and slid easily into her.  “Now ‘tis time I returned the favor.”

*  *  *

Morning was fast approaching.  Even through the green nylon wall of the tent, the night was being washed away by the incipient sun that had yet to rise above the far eastern horizon.  The young blonde girl lay snuggled close beside me, her head on my shoulder and an arm across my chest.  I brushed the hair from her face and gazed at her soft features.  Even after several days in the desert, her features were still soft, near babyish.  Oh dear gods, I wish I could remember her name.

In the waxing morning light I studied her features.  I could tell that normally she was pale of skin but the last couple of days here in the desert had tanned her skin quickly.  She used a liberal coating of some dry sun-screen to keep herself from burning.  She had generous breasts and her right nipple was pierced with a silver hoop.  I seem to remember that she liked to have it pulled on.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, that I am some horrible jackass who uses women and tosses them aside.  Couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Just because I like sex and love women does not make me a user and I always give as I do receive.  It just that the pounding in my head and the smell of stale alcohol in the tent, I am pretty sure that we were both so very drunk last night.  Sure, I could concentrate a bit and find out her name but I didn’t want to be rude or invasive.

I sighed.  So young and so full of potential.  It was nearly disheartening, when I thought of my own age in comparison.  It was getting harder and harder to find a woman my own age.  I can’t even remember when the last time I ran across one.  Too many years have passed to be sure and I am sure many years will pass before I find another.

The girl stirred next to me and murmured a sleep garbled word.  Her hair fell off her shoulder and as it uncovered her bare skin, I saw the strange tattoo she bore.  It was fresh, the black ink of the strange tangle of knotted vines fading off into reddened skin, still tender from the inker’s needle.  It was unusual, harsh in comparison to the delicate butterfly I remember seeing on her lower back as we danced in the crowd before retreating to her tent.

It was really beginning to bother me that I didn’t remember her name.  My memory is rather good after all, recalling all manner of obscure lore from a dozen different ages.  My mind was wandering the long dusty corridors of my memory.  Heh, there was no answers there either.

I lay there for a bit longer, my finger absentmindedly stroking the flesh of her arm newly inked.  It started to get lighter outside.  As the sun came up, the inside of the nylon dome tent started to get a bit stuffy.  She rolled over away from me, freeing my arm.  I still pulled away gently as to not wake her.  Leaning over, I placed a hand softly over the reddened flesh of her tattoo and whispered silently into her ear, a blessing of luck and health.  Kissing her cheek, I carefully crawled out of her tent.  At least I hope it was her tent, for I did not have one here.

I stepped out of the tent naked, dragging my bundle of clothes behind me.  The fine dust of the playa like soft powder underfoot.  The sky was so clear.  I took a deep breath and spread my arms wide, greeting the new day sun.  I let my spirit swell with my breath, encompassing the morning.  It was gonna be a hot day, but also clear with mild wind.

My reverie was broken by a sharp, piercing, cat-calling whistle.  I glanced over my shoulder and saw a couple of giggling young women.  I flashed them... a smile that is and with a wink I strolled naked out of the camp, wondering what this day would bring me.
A story I set at Burning Man. Part One, will be finished whenever I gett around to it.
kristinafigurazh Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008   Digital Artist
Very nicely written
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September 4, 2007
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